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Bi-directional optical data transmission

Transmit data easily

In electromagnetically-shielded areas, such as in facilities for magnet resonance tomography, the transmission of data is often difficult due to the shielding.

As a rule, moving devices gather important data in the examination room. The device is controlled from an adjacent room, and the data collected should also be available there right away. But due to shielding, it is not possible to transmit data via WLAN between the rooms. An issue that could previously only be solved through extensive and expensive construction measures is now completely simple: transmit data easily with the data)(twin – the innovation from BavarianOptics.

The data)(twin transmits data through shielded and unshielded window panes. It is attached to both sides of the glass pane and functions as an optical interface that makes the bi-directional flow of data directly through the window pane possible. The network in the shielded room is connected to the data)(twin by ethernet and transmits the data to the second data)(twin. In turn, this receives the data and then forwards it to your PC or end device through the ethernet.

data twin - data)(twin111
Contactless optical high-speed data transfer