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The highest levels of precision are our passion

We develop products with German accuracy and Bavarian passion: we are BavarianOptics. In addition to our high level of quality, you can also expect timely implementation..

Challenge us!

We develop custom electronic, mechatronic and optical systems - from the concept to the development of the circuit diagram and the layout of the circuit boards all the way to the construction of the prototype and all necessary performance and function tests for series production.

Our highly-qualified employees offer you all engineering services all the way to the market readiness of your product.

Implement your ideas with us or use our own developments for your company.


Professor Miyashita studies management worldwide and works on different methods and local characteristics to develop management strategies for the future. He visited and consulted BavarianOptics as an interesting example of alternative management structures and as a representative of a business...

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Hybrid Power Plant

29.09.2017 10:35 Uhr

As an industry partner, BavarianOptics GmbH was decisively involved in the application-oriented research project ODDURE. The researchers of TH Nürnberg designed a hybrid power plant within the project ODDURE which consists of a new developed vertical axis wind turbine and photovoltaic modules....

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Congratulations from MdB Burkert

09.05.2017 08:17 Uhr

Mr Martin Burkert, member of the Bundestag (MdB) congratulated BavarianOptics GmbH to the development of the energy-saving window sensors. He highlighted the inventor spirit and the innovative power of BavarianOptics employees.

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