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Dear reader,

We are pleased that you like the product sollector and we thank you for your interest. Unfortunately we have to inform you that we stopped the production of the sollector by the end of June 2017. Due to the high degree of manual work, a profitable production cannot be enabled for the customers in Germany. We are currently looking for investors and partners to allow an automatic production or a relocation to a country with more reasonable price level. If you are interested in investing in our company, we look forward to hearing from you. We work very hard to present you the sollector as an attractive and environment friendly product in the near future.

Your BavarianOptics GmbH team


The SOLLEKTOR® unites high tech with a zest for life. With a SOLLEKTOR®, almost all rooms can be lit with sunlight. Sunlight can even shine in a room in the cellar.  

The highly efficient optical light collection system and the flexible fiber optic cable specially developed for the SOLLEKTOR® ensure that your rooms can be lit with real sunlight.

In doing so, the SOLLECTOR light stands out by:

  • A light spectrum almost identical to natural sunlight
  • Natural colour reproduction
  • Energy savings
  • CO2 reduction through the use of sunlight, a natural resource
  • No UV radiation
  • No IR radiation and, therefore, no heat emitted in your rooms
The SOLLEKTOR® is available in three different sizes
SOLLEKTOR® Jupiter, Mars and Merkur

Performance data

Luminous fluxup to 80,000 lm
Illuminated surface up to 150 m²
Light gathering surfaceup to 2 m²
LC – light guides - numberup to 25 units
LC – light guides - lengthmax. 40 m

Light spectrum

Through the LC light guides, the sunlight attained from SOLLEKTOR® is quasi identical to sunlight in terms of its colour composition. The SOLLEKTOR® optics and the LC light guides are responsible for the high efficiency of the SOLLEKTORS® primarily due to their colour authenticity and their high photoconductivity, with maximum light quality.

In comparison with artificial light, with SOLLEKTOR® sunlight, every colour can also be seen as it is.

Luminous flux

With the efficient, sunlight-collecting optics and the special LC light guide fiber optic cables, the SOLLEKTOR® targets the maximum level of efficiency.


A 0.25 m2 SOLLEKTOR® supplies the same amount of light as an artificially created light sourced from a 5.2 m2 photovoltaic system.