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Slip rings

What is a slip ring by BavarianOptics?

Connecting slip rings of BavarianOptics can transfer different signals and power. We design and develop the slip ring right to your needs for your project. Therefore, we use the best possible transmission technology for the sliding contact, which fits your requirements. The materials of the slip ring track and brush have a major influence on the characteristics and quality of the sliding contact. This is exactly our strength – we have a comprehensive knowledge about possible material pairing and their pros and cons. We can realise the production of slip ring tracks made of gold, silver, brass and stainless steel. We combine the slip ring tracks with brushes made of gold, steel or composite materials, as for example silver-graphite.

What is a slip ring of BavarianOptics made from, for example?

  • Slip ring module (platter or drum shape)
  • Brush holder with brush
  • Connectors and cables for connection to the periphery
  • Brackets for mechanical mounting

If necessary, our contactless transmission technologies are added with upstream and downstream electronics for signal processing.

The slip rings of BavarianOptics are consist of these components.

We can produce cost-effective slip rings in large quantities with our manufacturing partner in China. In Germany, we produce small quantities and very demanding slip rings.